Scoop That Poop!

I was making myself a miso cup of soup out in our kitchen just a few moments ago. The kettle was boiling, my Piglet PJs were on, and my mug was waiting there patiently on the side. To my ‘little-things-please-small-minds’ mind, things were pretty much perfect for a little prank on my innocent, sleepy boyfriend in the bedroom.

I squirted the miso from the packet into my coffee coloured mug messily where it landed in a gloopy, brown blob in the base. Mal, my kitten, was happily eating her supper in her grey bowl and I smiled at her. Running into the bedroom with my mug, I whinged at my boyfriend that Mal had just somehow done a little plopper in one of the mugs on the side.

His face when he saw the brown sludge was, somewhat, displeased.