My Writing Inspiration

Today I woke up to find a Facebook status by a course mate of mine and it had me teeming with jealousy. Then, once I got over that, it had me teeming with inspiration! She’s a lovely girl so I couldn’t deny her the credit (and praise!) that she deserves.

Her status was stating how she’d finished her novel manuscript and she was ready to send it out to publishers and hopefully gain an agent! Once I got over the whole jealousy thing (which didn’t actually last that long), I was actually really proud of her and instead of pitting myself against her, I’ve chosen to strive to reach what she’s accomplished!

A young writer who’s managed to write and finish a whole manuscript!

This is my aim. So all day I’ve been writing and editing my own manuscript. Now Lionel Shriver taught me that, for the most part, your first novel is not the one you get published. A lot of the time, the first novel you ever write is the one that will sit in the drawer (or your attic) and ‘never see the light of day’.

I’ve taken that on board and so I’ve decided to write a YA novel which I really do love but which is completely my own: one that I will write for myself and not worry about what the publisher wants and what kind of market it will go into. 

This novel is for me, and for my eyes only.

Overall, it doesn’t matter if it’s rubbish because only I can see it. I want to write one just to prove to myself I can write a whole novel. I know and read about plenty of people who have written a novel. So I know in my heart I can do it.

It is all about finding the time and the motivation.

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