Knitting Night!

You may have noticed how I have always wanted to knit from previous posts (particularly Hobbying Around), and following this hobby up is something I have always wanted to do upon discovering my old granny style fascination for the knitting world.

To indulge my fascination I follow bloggers who knit – and those bloggers blog about their knitting and post lovely pictures. One day, I hope I can show you guys something I have knitted, be it large or be it small – or be it just a line of stitches which I’ve given to my cat to play with. It all counts.
Well it seems one day may be upon the horizon, as I’ve just discovered that a local wine bar and tea room in my town holds FREE knitting nights on Thursday evenings. I. Am. So. Going.
And, even better, my manager who’s super fun and lovely, has just invited me to go with her. Knitting buddies, I think!

Hopefully, my knitting can turn into something beautiful one day, and when this day comes I will definitely post it up on this blog – if this one day ever comes. Please don’t hold out on me and hope for something amazing.
Because my goal right now probably contains a knit that consists of a knit stitch that doesn’t just go in one straight line.

My aim!


TTFN, my knitting destiny awaits.

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