Writer Without A Laptop

Currently, I’m without my laptop.

(Cue sad face. With puckered lip)

I am sadly without my laptop for a few days, and right before Christmas too! Christmas time for writers is like Christmassy bliss, where you can get all cosy-ed up in front of the fire or in your bed with a hot water bottle, and drink hot chocolate with your mind full of exploding ideas that practically just leak out of your head.
I’m writing this right now, on my mother’s laptop while I’m sat beside the Christmas tree in her little house. (Because it is so very little).
Meanwhile, my laptop is sat alone unsupervised. It is alone because I’ve left it for my boyfriend to attend to, he wants to write too and we’re sharing a laptop right now. Until he gets one for Christmas.

Oh, please Christmas hurry. Hurry soon.
I am a writer and I crave to write.

4 thoughts on “Writer Without A Laptop”

  1. You do not need a laptop to write or create. Maybe you can use this time to get back in touch with a different form of your creativity. Drawing, painting, photography? Or maybe just bust out the good ole pen and paper and go to town? Either way, when the urge to write comes, you should not let lack of technology impede that urge.

    1. I have a makeshift notebook I keep with me at all times and have been writing in that or on my phone. My laptop is my designated space to develop and really write my ideas out properly. I will get it back soon! Sigh..
      Thanks for your comment with suggestions 🙂 I have been taking lots of Christmas photos with my cat!

      1. I feel like every writer should always carry some form of notebook around with them. I’ve got a tablet with keyboard that I use as a makeshift notebook. Christmas photos with the cat huh? I hope you plan on sharing some of those pictures with the rest of us!

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