Seasons Greetings! and all that

Hello there,

I am profoundly new at this; I’m profoundly new at getting used to most new technology. Some days it likes me, others it does not. So you’ll have to pardon my erratic ways if I get a little frustrated with this thing, yet I sense that this blog and I might spend quite a lot of time together. It’s early in our relationship but the romance seems fairly strong. Well, that I hope anyway. I can only hope it will dare to put up with me and my pedantic ways of getting used to new things! And I hope you, readers, can have the patience of putting up with that too (if there actually are any of you out there that have SOMEHOW managed to get yourself lost reading my blog!)


I shall hopefully return with an update very soon.
Ho, ho, ho.

And here’s a cheerful grammar joke to get you through my blogpost:




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